Having worked alongside Occupational Therapists from the very beginning, Sarah knew that she wanted to employ a multi-disciplinary team of professionals who can ensure that children's needs are looked at holistically and fully supported.

Speakeasy Therapy have a team of highly skilled Occupational Therapists. We specialise in working with  children and young people with complex needs and diagnoses such as Autistic Spectrum Condition and co-ordination difficulties, dyspraxia and developmental co-ordination disorder. Our Occupational Therapists have a variety of post graduate training IN SENSORY INTEGRATION THERAPY.

We have a high amount of experience setting up Occupational therapy services in to mainstream, specialist and independent schools.

Our therapists work holistically considering both the person and the environment when looking for ways to facilitate the best outcomes for the young people and their families.

We offer help and advice for any difficulties faced at school such as emotional regulation, handwriting difficulties, attention and arousal level,organisational skills, fine and gross motor difficulties.

Our experience of working with young people with Autistic Spectrum Condition and sensory processing allows us to also offer help and advice to parents and schools who are struggling with their children’s behaviour and regulation.

We are able to offer comprehensive assessments to gather a sensory profile as well as complete a battery of assessments to ascertain children's strengths and difficulties. Assessments and reports can be used to guide intervention as well as to support and inform strategies and advice within the school and home.

Reports also contain quantified and specified recommendations that can be used to inform Education and Health Care Plans (EHCP).

We are able to offer training to teachers, parents and care staff on sensory processing difficulties as well as barriers to activities of daily living to support children within the school environment.

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