Specialist staff training (e.g., Elklan, Language Development, Communication and Behaviour, Neurodiversity and Diagnosis Awareness)
Whole school approaches (e.g., Zones of regulation and Word Aware),
Promotion of communication and emotion friendly environments. 

designed to support all children and young people. There is a focus on prevention and upskilling and empowering parents/carers and staff. Support might look like;


Speech and language screenings to identify those who need additional support.
Advice and training to parents/staff to implement therapy programmes.
Setting targets for educational settings to complete.

designed to support those who require input above what is provided to all children and young people. There is a focus on providing targeted interventions in partnership with school staff. Support might look like;


Assessment of speech and language using informal, formal and standardised assessments.
1-1 or small group packages of care with a SaLT which will include evidence-based intervention.

Designed to support those whose needs cannot be met through universal and enhanced provisions. Support will consist of direct intervention. 


With the help of Speakeasy Therapy, you can choose to include a speech and language therapist as part of your school team. Our flexible packages mean we can work with you and the needs of your school to find a provision that is suitable for you, whether that’s a half termly visit to complete assessments and provide programmes or an onsite therapist to be with you from half a day to five days a week. The nature of support will vary depending on how many hours you subscribe to; however, you can be assured that the knowledge, dedication and quality of our service never waivers. 

At Speakeasy Therapy we use a framework that has been developed to ensure that the therapy needs of children and young people are met via a whole system approach. We do this by providing three levels of intervention: Universal, enhanced and direct. This approach aligns with what is recommended by the Bercow Report (2008) and The Better Communication Research Programme (2012).

What to expect from Speakeasy Therapy when you include Speech and Language Therapy as part of your school provision

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