We offer a bespoke communication programme devised by speech and language therapists.

These programmes are strengths-based, solution focused and neurodiversity affirming and delivered by a speech and language therapist experienced in working with autistic young people.

The communication programme aims to focus on social problem solving, cognitive flexibility and understanding the emotions and points of view of oneself and others. This programme is always neurodiversity affirming in content and can be delivered on a weekly basis (group or individual).

 Alternatively, training can be provided to your child's school
 team as well as ongoing advice and support.

When targeting perspective taking the therapy goals are never about
compelling verbal or behavioural compliance.

Individual goals are written with the intent to empower each student:

• With the ability to self-determine their communication choices.
• To be able to successfully describe their perception of events and situations.
• To describe the possible motivations and perceptions of others.
• To understand how their communication choices, both speaking and behavioural may be perceived by those around them.

The communication programme focuses on friendships and relationships, in particular different types of relationships (e.g., different levels of acquaintance/friendships and who we can trust), self-esteem and personal identity as well as what to do when something doesn't make sense, in particular figurative language, and sarcasm.

The communication programme aims to help young people to learn how to handle unexpected situations, generate different ways to problem solve in difficult situations as well as recognise the size of problems vs how those problems appear to others.

This is a starting point to developing self-advocacy skills.

 We support those around your child to recognise that rather than discount your child’s experience and prioritise other people’s interpretations we can use these opportunities to help your child to advocate for their needs e.g., it might seem like a small problem to you, but to me it’s a big problem.

Bespoke communication programmes

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