Autism Spectrum
Disorder (ASD)

ASD stands for Autism Spectrum Disorder, otherwise known as Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC).

The term ‘spectrum’ within ASD reflects the varying degrees of difficulties and the unique way that this condition can present itself for each individual.

Autism Spectrum Condition relates to how a person perceives and socialises with others and can result in differences in social interaction and communication.

Autism Spectrum also includes limited and repetitive interests and behaviours, complex mannerisms and differences processing the sensory world around us.

Independent Assessment Services

At Speakeasy Therapy we offer an independent assessment service by a multi-disciplinary team and adhere to guidance put forward by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE). We provide comprehensive ASD assessments for children and adults. Our assessment pathway is led by a multidisciplinary Team and will, where clinically appropriate, offer you or your child a diagnosis of Autism. You can feel confident that you will be supported by a specialist therapist who will be with you through every step of the assessment process and therefore feel safe and secure knowing that this person will really get to know you and / or your child and will ensure they build a thorough picture of your child's strengths and differences.

Speakeasy Therapy partner with a number of clinical psychologists and psychiatrists to ensure that all of our assessments meet the expectations and requirements set out by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

  Speakeasy Therapy have 15 years of experience working with Independent, mainstream and specialist school environments as well as providing EHCP provision to support children to receive the speech and language therapy and occupational therapy support that they require. We are preferred providers for a number of local authorities across the Midlands and beyond. You can therefore be confident that we bring a high level of specialism and expertise both to the assessment process and with our post-assessment support and that our name is well recognised across the UK. 

We always ensure that we provide specific and focussed recommendations to support you moving forward. 
Please see our assessment services for children and adults to read on further about our assessment process and how we can help you and your family.

Assessment Centre

  Our assessment centre is based in Enderby, Leicestershire which is straight off the M1 at J21 for easy access wherever you are coming from.

we also offer assessments across the UK and our team is able to travel. in some cases, assessments can also be completed online.
Please contact us to discuss your individual enquiries.


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