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The first appointment will always involve an initial assessment. This will include a case history and informal discussion with yourselves as well as time spent with your child.

The Speech and Language Therapist will obtain an initial picture of your child through informal methods such as play and discussions and / or formal methods such as standard assessment tools. This will be determined by the age of your child and your child’s strengths and difficulties.

Attention and Listening, Comprehension (how your child understands language), Expression (how your child speaks and can use language) and social communication are some of the areas that will be investigated.

Initial assessments can also include an observation within the school / nursery environment depending on your child’s needs.

Detailed reports can be arranged from the initial assessment at the request of the parent or school.

Initial assessments can inform reports and programmes to support teaching staff and families whilst waiting for the NHS service. They can also lead on to intervention sessions where the outcomes and approximate time scales will be discussed.



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